Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Does Your Mouth Smell? Find Out in Under a Minute

A bad mouth smell is often detectable by everyone but us. 1. Lick the back of your hand and wait 15-20 seconds for the saliva to dry. Now, all saliva has some kind of odor, however, if the smell is particularly bad then most likely you have bad breath (you'll see how to fix it shortly).
Check it carefully to see if it's white (particularly in the back or base). If it is, then that's a sign that you could have bad breath. A dry mouth is more likely to smell but that can easily be solved with a tall glass of water.
Now even if your tests come out positive, don't despair. There are many ways to get rid of bad breath: some temporary and some permanent. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Breathing Fresh and Easy

Although some may think that proper oral hygiene is enough for breath to always be fresh and minty, different medical conditions can also cause foul smelling breath. For example, having a bad case of dry mouth can lead for your breath to smell like it could wilt about a thousand roses. Saliva is a vital component in keeping the mouth healthy. Bacteria are an ever present substance in your mouth. Even if you do brush your teeth every after meal, bacteria still form and proliferate inside your mouth. Breathing through your mouth is just one of the more simple causes of dry mouth.
Some of the symptoms include a sticky feeling inside the mouth, cracked lips, dryness in the throat, difficulty with chewing and swallowing, and of course bad breath. Treatment for dry mouth and some of its symptoms can be found in a book called Bad Breath Bible.
Desperate to find bad breath cures? Jeff Ray is a bad breath expert and the director of Bad--Breath.net

Friday, February 3, 2012

Check Your Breath - Do You Have Bad Breath?

Bad Breath situation is all too common. A major cause of common unpleasant smell in the mouth are the anaerobic bacteria that have made the mouth to be their home. When you sleep with your mouth open, it leads to dry mouth. These situation is good for bacteria that produces bad breath. Sadly, some foods and medicines, and even mouthwashes, have the same effect - they produce dry mouth. It causes the mouth to smell.
Alcohol in the mouth causes the mouth to dry out, and the result is the same. How do you quickly test your own breath for smell? To test your own breath, lick inside of your wrist, let dry, and then smell it. To get a more scientific test of the quality of your breath, you would need to visit a breath clinic. Bad-Breath-Detection becomes much more easier when the sources are known.
Since bad breath could be due to a gradual build up of plaque, it is useful to have regular checks.
If the gums are loose around teeth, ths is an indication of gum disease. It has gaps where anaerobic bacteria gathers. It can lead to loss of tooth. Gum diseases are a source of bad breath until the disease is cured

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Halitosis Expert Reveals the Truth About Causes of Bad Breath

Do you frequently suffer from any of these conditions?
If one or more of these situations sound familiar to you, you may be suffering from halitosis causes, each of which is what causes bad breath. In a nutshell, bad breath, which is one of the halitosis causes, is due to the sulfur produced by anaerobic bacteria that live and grow at the back of your mouth - which are also partly responsible for that sour, bitter or metallic taste you are sensing somewhere there. When protein is being broken down too fast, the amount of sulfur in your mouth increases, and there you have one of the causes of halitosis. If you don't know what causes the terrible breath for you, this is probably it-your source of halitosis causes.
When you find out what causes bad breath for you and it turns out to be one of the major halitosis causes, then you need to do something to eliminate bad breath. Once you have the right prescription for you, then you will be able to get rid of halitosis and enjoy fresh breath that you can feel confident and secure in.
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