Sunday, December 25, 2011

Dealing With Bad Breath Once & For All

Often people experience bad breath when they wake up in the morning causing them to feel annoyed and stay away from their partners. To start with you need to understand the factors that cause bad breath. The major factors that cause this issue are the stomach infections, mouth infections, improper brushing and bad teeth.
For instance, if one of your tooth is decayed, it would create a bad smell in your mouth irrespective of extensive brushing.
Fungal infection in the tongue can also result in the bad smell in your mouth and the same can be avoided by gargling. Gargling is the best way to get fresh breath and clean mouth.
Keeping your mouth clean is very important not just for avoiding bad breath, but there are also other illness which might affect you.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Doctor, Please Help! My Mouth Smells Like a Rotten Egg

You can stop bad breath in early stage. Many reported their breath can be as stink as wet foot or even corpses. Mouth odor is caused by bacteria reaction with wasted food left usually in between the teeth, resulting in sulfur compounds that many related to foul odor. Many mouth wash product contains chlorine dioxide that will release oxygen to kill the bacteria.
Eat healthy foods like vegetables and fruits, meet your dentist in consistent schedule and check for any oddities in your mouth, gums and teeth. To stop bad breath and build healthy body you need mindful diligence in oral hygiene and improving it as you grow older will stop bad breath.
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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Learn About Curing Bad Breath

Some anaerobic bacterial varieties like the H pylori and the S mutans are the main criminals of halitosis inside our mouth. The most evident indicator of bacterial presence inside the mouth is evidently the whitish slug layer that is so often deposited on the tongue. The slug, made up of dead cells of the mouth and the food remaining, supply the necessary food to the bacteria. The parasitic habitat gets even more encouraged if the mouth remains dry for a long time.
Proper cleaning and washing the mouth cavity, at least twice a day is very important in the fight against bacteria. Proper cleaning procedure not only means brushing the teeth regularly, but it also necessarily includes scrubbing the tongue surface and flossing the spaces between the teeth. Water will help by cleaning the food leftovers from obscure places of the mouth cavity. Gargling with slightly warm water after meals and drinking a few glasses of unsweetened water-lemon juice solution can also help by killing the bacteria. Other sugar free beverages like the green tea and the lemon tea can also likewise help in fighting the repulsive smell. Sweetened beverages like alcohol increase the stink of bad breath.
Chewing on natural mouth fresheners like clover, cardamom and mint can have long lasting effects against bad breath.