Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mouth Odor - Cure Your Bad Breath With "Dirt Cheap" Ingredients Quickly And Easily In 90 Seconds

Having bad breath can make a serious dent in your social life, not to mention retarding your success in your job. 1. Is your mouth frequently dry?
2. Is there a white coating on your tongue?
3. Is your saliva thick?
Don't worry, home and household remedies can actually cure your bad breadth at no extra cost to your pocket.
1. Place two drops of pepper mint oil in your tongue, three times daily. This is effective in killing bacteria apart from its pleasant taste and aroma.
2. You can also chew several fennel seeds, anise seeds or cloves to freshen your breadth. Since natural strategies for bad breadth work best if combined with regular and thorough oral hygiene,flossing and brushing the teeth as well as the tongue especially the back part will work for you. Brush your teeth and tongue after each meal and floss it three times daily.
3. Avoid strong smelling foods and alcohol, don't smoke. Yes, you can actually cure your mouth odor at home with simple self-care measures!
Obiakor David is a researcher and health and fitness buff. Wait! 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Eradicating Bad Breath

Well, stop sulking. Bad breath is caused by many factors. Most of the time, simple practices like brushing the teeth and taking oral mouth rinses are present to much hassle to us without knowing that they can actually lead to oral odor. Foul mouth odor may also be caused by the food that we eat. For example, people who are fond of eating spices and other foods that have odors can stay in the mouth for too long even if you brush your teeth all day. Gum diseases and even simple tooth decays can result to foul mouth odor.
· As already mentioned, bad breath may be caused by simple hygiene practices that are not observed by a person. · Stop those petty vices like smoking and drinking alcohol. · Although you can use mouth washes, in truth they only cover up mouth odor. Although you can get tips on how to keep your breath smelling good, the advice of the dentist will weight heavier. Who knows the cause of that may be due to gum disease in your mouth and problems in your digestive system.
· There are also home remedies for bad breath. Traditional method of curing mouth odor is rinsing the mouth with vinegar. Using baking soda is also said to be an effective cure for foul mouth odor.
· However, when you think that your bad breath is already disturbing you in high extent, you must take decisive steps in stopping its effects. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Causes of a Bad Breath

First is the bacteria in your mouth. There are many little area where food stay in the mouth and begins to decompose. In some cases the bacteria changes the compounds into sulfur.
This sulfur compound then defiles any air passing through the mouth and result in a bad smell. The dairy produce contain proteins that break down into ammo acids that then change to sulfur.
Other food work on the digestive system. The smell come are a result of the compound that these foods release into your bloodstream.
The oxygen goes in the the smell is carried out by your breathe. This is a longer term issue. In the mouth you can general take care of the issue fast. But if is in the bloodstream it will take some time fro the body to flush itself.
High fat and protein also cause trouble. When the body breaks these down they produce ketones. If you are good at Baking, start your own Bakery business, and invest in commercial stoves and commercial dough mixer.