Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Three Major Causes of Bad Breath in Children

What are the causes for bad breath in children? Knowing whether your child has bad mouth odor is very simple, the bad pungent smell in the mouth constantly or occasionally is a perfect sign.
So what are common Causes For Bad Breath in children?
Chronic bad breath in children is caused by a build up of excessive oral bacteria in the mouth and tongue. Diary products such as cheese and milk also cause a child's breath to smell bad after consumption. Sugar packed foods also make bacteria to grow by providing perfect conditions in the mouth of kids.
Lack of saliva in the mouth also lead to smelly mouths in children, this is why a child with halitosis will have bad pungent mouth early in the morning.This is due to the inactivity of salivary glands when the child is asleep. Poor dental hygiene in children can also lead to halitosis, children need to brush for three minutes two times a day. If this is not done well, then a child can have an offensive smell form the mouth.
The causes of bad breath in children can be controlled effectively. Click here for the six natural secrets on how to get rid of bad breath in children.